To be an African investment holding company that uplifts and empowers society through innovative solutions whilst providing superior returns on capital and dividends for our shareholders.


Through intensive research we identify cutting edge products and services that either complement our current business or elicit the development of new

We strive to exceed expectations by:

Providing high quality solutions that are carefully positioned and tailored to clients’ needs through strategic partnerships.
Associating with highly reputable companies with expertise in their respective fields.
Identifying key investment opportunities where we can add value and grow businesses.
Keeping abreast of developments within the markets.
Constantly evaluating the investment performance of our portfolio.


The company is looking for investment opportunities in high-value sectors. To date Ntsu e Ntsho has made sound investments in the following key areas;
Education, ICT Manufacturing, Tourism, Infrastructure and Property.



Through one of its subsidiaries, EduSciMat, Ntsu e Ntsho was awarded a contract by the Free State Department of Education to pilot the Mobile Maths & Science Lab project in 200 schools.  


Completed the 200 Maths Lab pilot project for the Free State department of Education.


Launched the first-of-its-kind Mathematics Laboratory at Bopa Setjaba Primary School and was featured live on SABC 2's Morning Live.

Awarded a three year contract to deploy Maths Labs in 701 schools in the Free State province.


Provided bursaries to a number of Free State matric learners.  

Empowered over 35 Black owned companies which created over 400 jobs.

Invested in the tourism attraction, Lala Manzi, a Boutique Hotel.  


Forged an international Strategic partnership with JP-IK Portugal and Intel to establish a local assembly plant to manufacture tablets in South Africa.

Partnered with Designmate International for Maths and Science interactive content.


Launched the first Maths Lab in North West, which within six months brought about significant Maths results improvement in Primary Schools where the Maths Labs were installed.

Awarded a three-year contact by the North West Department of Education to roll out about 489 Maths Labs in Primary Schools.  

Launched the first Maths Lab in Mpumalanga with HOD of Education Mpumalanga.

Awarded a contract to be USAASA’s preferred supplier for ICT Educational equipment.

Partnered with Edustar, a Singapore publishing company, to adapt and publish Maths and Science Books to be used in our South African Schools. 

Established Emeritus Training Academy to provide Teacher training in Maths and Science; and entrepreneurial and corporate training.

Donated Maths Labs to the following schools: Cradock (Eastern Cape), Tembisa High (Gauteng), Alexandra High (Gauteng), QwaQwa (Free State), Tenteleni Primary (Mpumalnga)


Established the first Maths Lab beyond the South African border at a  Lesotho Primary School.

Awarded a contract to run Matric Maths and Science extra classes for 200 learners on Saturdays and during School Holidays by the North West Department of Education.

Established Enlight Energy Solution that designed a locally manufactured Smart Meter.

Established an assembly plant Kwa-Zulu Natal to manufacture tablets, laptops, smart meters and set-top boxes.