In our aims to provide top-notch service delivery that will never compromise our reputation in the industry we are constantly seeking new and effective routes to better our business. We have been an example of innovative empowerment in the country, by changing mind-sets on how to invest with precision and diligence.

The Ntsu e Ntsho Group portfolio of investments are also aimed at cross-subsidisation and creating synergies between investments, cost reduction, and de-risking.

We bring together communities and governments that seek value-added solutions with entities.

The Ntsu e Ntsho Group will partner with or co-own the best of breed entities who possess the required unique capabilities.

The Ntsu e Ntsho Groups’ core strength is therefore also in finding the right partners with the required unique capabilities.


We unlock value for them – we make their businesses bigger by means of our reach into the African markets through strong relationships with key stakeholders including governments.


We make sure communities are uplifted and that skills are transferred to them.

The Ntsu e Ntsho Group is a company that can innovate, design tightly integrated solutions, and implement these solutions so that all the working parts are together in a particular way.