As we seek to build an enviable reputation and become key players in the industry, we intend to increase the assets and investments of our company by supporting the growth of our subsidiaries.


EduSciMat (Pty) Ltd, is wholly owned by Ntsu e Ntsho Group. It is recognised as one of the leading e -learning companies in South Africa.

EduSciMat was born out of the need to support the government in remedying the challenges experienced by the Education system, particularly in the areas of Maths and Science.

Investing in Maths and Science was one of the best decisions we ever made. Our aim is to develop innovative solutions that contribute to the improvement of quality education.

Good knowledge and understanding of Maths and Science is an essential prerequisite to many professions, yet the assimilation and comprehension of those subjects are more challenging due to the abstract nature of their content.

To make a contribution toward the improvement of the skills level of these disciplines, we worked closely with the Department of Basic Education to develop innovative education solutions that can enhance and simplify how Maths and Science are taught in schools.

Since inception, EduSciMat has installed over 700 Maths Labs in the Free State and started installing another 489 Maths Labs in the North West province.

Benefits of EduSciMat's Maths & Science Laboratories

  • The Maths & Science Lab project through its Concrete Pictorial and Abstract (CPA) methodology empowers teachers with pedagogic, technical skills and knowledge in Maths & Science.
  • To date, more than 1 000 teachers have been trained and capacitated.
  • Promotes understanding, learning and reasoning using concrete objects.
  • Improves confidence through learning by doing.
  • Makes the learning experience joyful and improves the quality of teaching and learning.
  • Contribution to the improvement of Annual National Assessment Results.

The installation of Maths & Science laboratories contributed to Job Creation

  • Over 475 jobs were created since the inception of the Free State Project (300 permanent and the remainder contractual).

SMME Development

  • 33 black-owned companies were empowered (contractors and suppliers) through the Free State and North West Maths & Science Lab projects.


Matla A Ntsu (Pty) Ltd is an integrated multi-disciplinary infrastructure and property development holding company, which was established in 2006 and came under our wing in 2008.

The company specialises in the provision of planning and design of infrastructure, property development, as well as electrical and civil engineering services.

Scope of Services:

  • Electrical Reticulation, Electrification, Distribution and Installation
  • Civil Engineering
  • Road Traffic Engineering
  • Water and Sanitation Infrastructure
  • Human Settlement and Properties
  • Mechanical Installation, Maintenance, and Supply
  • Building Services
  • Quality and Environmental Management Systems
  • Design and Development


With the aim to meet crucial human developmental needs, Emeritus, a pre-eminent training enterprise, was established in 2015 as a fully-fledged Training Academy.

As a fully-fledged Training Academy catering for requirements across various business and educational sectors, Emeritus primarily focuses on:

  1. Corporate Training
  2. Teacher Development

Emeritus Corporate Training

Our accredited corporate training is tailored to suit any organisation's need in line with the National Skills Development Strategy. This will equip employees with the necessary skills to advance their careers.

Emeritus corporate training provides the following:

  • Compliance
  • Employee Assistance Programmes
  • Socio Economic Development Programmes
  • Labour Relations
  • Energy Solutions
  • Continued Professional Development
  • Adult Basic Education and Training
  • Post School Education Programme
  • Provide training on innovative solutions particularly focusing on renewable energy
  • Simulation and Virtual Training

Emeritus Teacher Development

We were touched by the number of schools that do not offer Maths & Science as part of their curriculum due to the shortage of teachers qualified for these subjects. We, therefore, chose to offer a range of professional development programmes and courses to meet the needs of teachers, particularly in Maths & Science with the aim of:

  • Empowering teachers to master content learned in their initial training as well as meet the training needs as outlined by the Department of Basic Education.
  • Enabling teachers to integrate our Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract (CPA) methodology in their teaching - through exploration, manipulation, and performing experiments that enable learners to discover their own solutions.

Our Teacher Development programmes are tailor-made to achieve the following:

  • Upgrade and improve subject content knowledge of teachers.
  • Keep teachers abreast of developments in the education field, especially in Maths and Science.
  • Equip teachers with skills and tools that will enable them to excel in the changing teaching and learning environment.
  • Enhance teachers' effectiveness through life-long learning.


Enlight is a subsidiary of Nstu e Ntsho that has been appointed to oversee the establishment of the educational tablet assembly plant and its roll-out in South Africa.

The tablets will be distributed to the broader South African market and in the long run to the SADC region.

South African Primary and High Schools are seen as the primary starting point for these Educational tablets. These tablets will be pre-loaded with EduSciMat's highly interactive content aligned to the South African curriculum aimed at making teaching and learning Maths & Science enjoyable for the learner.

Other additions:

Enlight is taking to the market - tablets or two-in-one devices manufactured in its assembly plant with different value-add offering for the different sectors of the market. In the main, the offering consists of the following:

  • A 7" Tablet (for Primary School Learners) or a 10" Tablet (for High School learners) powered by Intel Processors
  • The Tablets are rugged with built in drop resistance features
  • Highly Interactive Maths or Science content fully aligned with national curriculum and topics grouped grade-wise
  • Virtual manipulatives
  • Geo-gebra
  • E-books
  • Mobile Device Management software that tracks the whereabouts of the device


EduSciMat Financial and Risk Solutions is a one-stop shop for maintenance plans, and financing solutions for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) hardware.

EduSciMat Financial and Risk Solutions is a subsidiary of Ntsu e Ntsho and is 100% black owned with a Level 1 BEE score rating. The company is an authorised and independent financial services provider.

We look out for schools so that they can focus their energy on what is most important – teaching and learning. We insure essential ICT equipment ranging from servers, laptops, tablets, overhead projectors, interactive boards, routers, etc.


The company provides customised financial and risk solutions that are designed around the core principles of affordability, accessibility, and operational reliability.

Our offerings include:

  • Risk and maintenance solutions to support e-learning in educational institutions in South Africa
  • Financing solutions for the acquisition of educational technology and e-learning equipment
  • Risk assessments and Risk management training


  • We are positioned to offer similar solutions in different sectors
  • We conduct risk assessments and research to understand the different risks involved and tailor-make our products to suit the needs of our clients
  • We offer risk management training to enable our clients to manage their assets in the most optimal manner
  • We offer a variety of financing solutions to cater for the development objectives of our clients


The Foundation invests in innovative interventions that are geared towards positive transformation of disadvantaged communities.

The Ntsu e Ntsho Foundation is registered as a Non-Profit Company and is established as a Corporate Social Investment vehicle for the group.

The Foundation invests in innovative interventions that are geared towards the positive transformation of disadvantaged communities. Our philosophy looks at overcoming poverty, not as a charitable task but an act of justice.

The Ntsu e Ntsho Foundation's strategic objectives are to:

  • Promote the prioritisation of Maths, Science, and Technology
  • Establish a coordinated network of strategic partnerships with like-minded organisations
  • Enhance the capacity of teachers to improve the quality of teaching and learning
  • Nurture young talent


South Africa has been recognised as a leading country in electricity metering and we at Enlight Energy Solutions understand the need for more reliable meter monitoring.

With over 50 years of experience within the industry, being a small company in a large market makes us responsive and adaptable to the changing demands.

We have high-level technical support available on short notice and the ability for customised metering solutions for special applications. Our products will provide the metering industry with a prepayment meter that satisfies the current needs for revenue collection, as well as the adaptability to move to a smart metering architecture in the future.

As a new South African Metering Company we encompass:

  • A deep technical experience to combat problems facing the industry,
  • A focus on creating local human capital,
  • An aim to create locally owned intellectual property,
  • The production of quality products for the future of the industry.

With these meter technologies, the country as a whole will witness a decline in illegal connections, more meter accuracy, and reduced estimations. This propels lower costs and frustrations for citizens and paying customers.

Enlight Energy Solutions - Working together to solve tomorrow’s problems!